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10-Week Advanced Communication Skills

for NGO Professionals Group Course

If your spoken English is preventing you from contributing to the work of your NGO, this is the course for you! Gain confidence speaking in meetings, talking on the phone, making small talk and giving engaging presentations in a relaxed environment with other NGO professionals.

Maximum of 4 people in each group

10-Week Advanced Communication Skills

for NGO Professionals One-to-One Course

If you have very specific needs that you want to address when communicating in English in your NGO then the 10-week course can also be taken individually.

Corporate Classes

If you manage an NGO team or work for human resources and you want to provide training for your staff to help them communicate confidently in English, please get in touch.

I am very happy to design courses to fit your organisation's needs.

Mastering Meetings

The 7-Day Challenge for Busy NGO Professionals

Do you get nervous in international meetings and lack confidence voicing your opinion?

This 7-Day Challenge for NGO Professionals will help you speak confidently, express your opinions and participate effectively in meetings in English in your NGO.

Communicating Impact Community

An online community of NGO professionals who want to focus on communicating confidently in English. With monthly live Zoom sessions, access to new trainings and much more.

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